Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hot Patterns Scarf - Shirt

After purchasing this pattern, I heard from a couple of sewers that they weren't pleased with their results. I really wanted to love this pattern. Once you watch Trudy's You Tube Videos, you have to get the pattern because you just know you will look fabulous. Well.....

I love this pattern!!!! I read the comments and one review, and was determined to make it successful. I had some "silky" JoAnn's as my muslin, and I'm happy to say I can wear it. I have some charmeuse from Gorgeous Fabrics that I purchased specifically for this pattern.
The important thing is the fabric. It MUST be drapey. Not "kind of drapey", but DRAPEY! Otherwise, you will look like a balloon. Then you have to think about what tweaks you want to make. I made the usual alterations - sloping shoulders, shortened it by three inches. Then I took in the sides by one inch and added a vertical waist dart. Hanging fabric from the boobs just won't do. I think the dart made all the difference. I decided not to attach the scarf so I could use it with other outfits.

I have a Sunshine top cut out. Once it's completed, I'll make another scarf-shirt.

By the way, my sewing assistant decided to join me in the photo. She was great help today.

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  1. That's a very pretty, feminine blouse. I must go watch Trudy's video and be convinced that I need yet, another blouse pattern!