Monday, February 28, 2011

Mini Sewcation!

Twice this month, I have worked on the weekends. That is, I've worked my day job on the weekend due to travel/meetings. I work every weekend playing for two church services and directing an adult and children's choir. So, I decided to take today off and have a mini sewcation and catch up on some things around the house.

After grocery shopping and straightening the house, I accomplished two projects in my sewing room and cut out another. The first was a Weekender Sunshine top from Hot Patterns. This is my third of these tops and I plan to make more. They are very figure flattering and quick to make.

The second was the Draped Cardigan from Pamela's Patterns. It's the picture on top of the post. I still can't get my pictures to post in order. Anyway, this is my third draped cardigan from this pattern. I also cut out a pale yellow knit (more like butter) and will leave off the sleeves and make a vest. Pamela has a picture of this on her web page.
While sewing, I was thrilled to get a package from Gorgeous Fabrics and Marcy Tilton! My spring sewing is starting off with a bang. I have fabric to make two scarf-shirts from Hot Patterns, two pairs of Marcy Tilton pants, two pairs of Marrakesh pants from Hot patterns, and a couple of t-shirts. Stay tuned!


  1. Your Sunshine top is pretty. That's been a very popular pattern. Nice cardi, too. Sounds like you have a plan for your sewing. I will stay tuned!

  2. I really like that fabric. I wish I could knock out two and a half projects in one day. Isn't it great to have a whole day just to sew?