Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Comraderie of Sewing

I can't believe it's been nearly two months since I wrote in my blog! I have had alot going on. My wonderful, 81 year old father had a heart attack, then triple bypass surgery. I traveled to Sudbury, MA a week ago to be with him. I arrived just before the snow storm, and just in time to experience the power outage at my sister's home. Fortunately, the power came on three days later, and we could bring Dad home. He is doing remarkably well, and is the perfect patient.

While in MA, I discovered just how close some of my Stitcher's Guild friends are to Sudbury. I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon last week with Betsy and Debra at Sawyer Brook where I also met Dixie. I found a fabulous wool cashmere and cotton print to make a shirt/vest combo.

Dixie introduced me to a staff person, Sue who was from KY. I mentioned that my family was from Butler, a town that is hardly on the map and that no one has ever heard of. Not only had Sue heard of Butler, she was raised there! She asked about my family, and I responded she would not know them. They left KY in the 50's. When I finally told her the family name, I learned that my great uncle had been a friend of her father's!

Today, I met my sewing buddies again for a trip to a fabric store in Natick. This time, Denise also joined us. It was great fun looking at fabric with fellow sewers, already knowing their preferences from Stitcher's Guild. We've been posting for so long, we all know each other fairly well: our moments of joy, sorrow, dreams, frustrations. Not only do we share a passion for fabric, sewing, fashion, and clothes. We also share our lives. It's great to have such wonderful friends, and finally get to meet them in person.