Monday, March 21, 2011

All Aboard the Train!

The Marrakesh pants are finished! I love this pattern. I made a pants muslin first, and struggled with some of the instructions. Then I decided to go with what I know, and worked it out. I tried to use Trudy's instructions for the fly front zipper, but then the waistband was too short. So for the real pants, I made the waistband extra long in the front and Sandra Betzina's instructions for the zipper. She has the best instructions for this.

As for alterations, there were very few. I love how Hot Patterns puts all of the measurements on the pattern including rise. The size 12 rise was perfect for me, but unfortunately, I needed the size 14 width. As usual, I needed a slight decrease in the width in the seat. That was it. They came out great. The fabric for the real pants were from Casual Elegance - linen-like polyester in tan and white. Because the pants were in a light colored fabric, I left off the pockets.

These pants are so comfortable. I wore the tan pair today at work and it felt as if I was in my pj's all day!

Here are the pictures. They remind me that I need to continue to try to lose those 2 pounds! The sweater set is from Silhouettes patterns. I then dared to take a picture with the pants tucked in so you could see the waistband.


  1. Carolyn, you look so nice in your new spring coordinates.

  2. nice outfit. looks great on you.

  3. hi Carolyn, just started following your blog - outfit looks nice - I could do with some pants that feel like PJ's - and like you continue to try and lose weight - am currently cooking WW meals for me and all my family - problem is, they are losing weight and not me - think its an age thing now I am in my 50's :-(