Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Pleat Front Dress

This is my second Pleat Front Dress form Christine Johnson.  Like all CJ Patterns, it goes together well, fits well, and looks RTW.  This time, I made it sleeveless, which was very easy to do.  The bodice is lined, so I left one shoulder seam unsewn, turned it right side out, then completed the shoulder seam.  This dress will be great for a conference I'm going to next week.  I will wear it with a white draped cardigan.  After the conference, I have to catch a plane to go see my daughter.  It think it will be very comfortable on the plane.

The fabric is from Sawyer Brook and is a french knit.  It has a vintage feel to it and was a dream to sew on.  

Below is my first pleat front dress.  The fabric is from Textile Studios (I miss them!) and is one of my favorite fabrics I ever purchased.  I have warn this dress over and over again!  I think the pattern would look great sleeveless in a black knit.


  1. I feel the same way about Textile Studio Fabrics, Carolyn...Marcia had a superb eye for fabrics. I still have a few (a very few) of her fabrics in my stash...and I'm sad/glad when I use them!

  2. It's always sad when our favorite fabric sources dry up. Bummer! Your dress is very pretty.