Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Blouse Perfected

This is Louise Cutting's new Blouse pattern.  It is updated from a previous pattern and has many options - collar and band, just the band, darts in front or back, straight hem with vent, curved hem, straight sleeve, or with a cuff and placket.

I have a wonderful pattern drafted with my Sure Fit Designs Dress kit, but wanted this pattern for Louise's excellent instructions and the collar and placket that come with the pattern.

I especially love the front band.  It is folded three times, and on the last third fold, is stitched and turned toward the front. That detail alone was worth the pattern.  I also like her collars, which are stitched in the center back and folded at the center front to alleviate bulk

I made a couple of alterations.  One was for a rounded back. The other was to alter the sides some.  The pattern has the sides going inward by about a half inch on the sides.  With my hips, they need to go out about a half inch!  So I just swung the sides out about an inch.

The fabric is a cotton/silk Ikat print from Dana Buchman that I purchased at Fabric Mart.

I'm sure I will use this pattern over and over again.


  1. Terrific shirt. You have done such great things with SureFit. One day, I'm going to order it. I keep up with your posts about it on StitchersGuild. The little dress in your last post is adorable.