Friday, April 25, 2014

Lydia's Easter Dress

In selecting an Easter dress for my granddaughter this year, I went out of my comfort zone and decided to make one of the beautiful creations from Kari Mecca at Sewing With Whimsey.  Kari has patterns for children's clothing with embellishments made from rick rack and ribbons.  The primary focus is on girls, but there are also ideas for boys.  I had purchased two of her books from a Christmas gift certificate, and asked my daughter (Lydia's Mom) to choose a dress for me to recreate.

The dress selected was available as a kit on the website.  It could be a challenge finding all the supplies I need in small town Alabama, so I ordered the kit.  It arrived in a beautiful organza bag.

The fabric was a high quality cotton pique, 100% cotton rick rack, ribbon, beads including a few shaped like lady bugs.  Everything was present to make the dress except for basic supplies.  I chose not to use the lady bugs because they were so dark.  When placed on the dress, they appeared to be specks of dirt instead of lady bugs.

Over 40 flowers were required, hand made from the rick rack.  This was easily done while watching TV with my husband, and were actually quite fun to make.

The lattice of rick rack was partly glued, partly sewn to some tear away interfacing.  The flowers with the centered beads were tacked on.
After attaching the lattice to the fabric, (praying it would all stay together) the dress was easy to construct.  The instructions provided were very clear to follow and it all came together well.  I did not add the flowers to the ribbon on the ties because I thought they would be too fussy for a two year old and not last long!

And the best results?  A happy Lydia on Easter!


  1. Carolyn, this is lovely! I like the blue for a girl, which is a refreshing change from traditional pinks. Wonderfully done!

  2. Just beautiful, Carolyn. You do such lovely work. Jean would be so proud!!

  3. This is just STUNNING,Carolyn!!

  4. First time I've seen your blog. Your dress is so outstanding I had to comment.

  5. I am so impressed, it looks beautiful on her too.

  6. Lydia looks beautiful in her new dress. Thanks for posting a picture. Aren't DGD's fun?

  7. I am so happy to see you blogging again and posting on SG. i had been wondering where you went. lovely dress for your dgd and yournewest SA tops look fun to wear as well.


  8. That is adorable! I love Kari Mecca's work, it's so whimsical and unusual, and stunningly beautiful at the same time. Great work!

  9. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful dress! And your little Lydia is a doll. :-)